JUNIOR GOLF AUSTRALIA - Committed to Developing and Growing Junior Golf
Our Pathway
We've established a pathway for juniors to take them from beginners to advanced golfers.
Step 1 Getting Started
We have numerous after school and school holiday programs to get you started. At this point it's all about having fun. You'll get into the basics and start to play 3 hole sessions on a full size golf course within a week.
Step 2 Once You've Started
Depending on your commitment, you'll move up to nine hole level within 6 months. At this point there are numerous events you can play in to enhance your playing ability. You'll be playing local and interstate junior 9 hole events.
Step 3 Once You're Committed
At this point you will be almost at 18 hole level and when you're shooting around 55 for nine holes it will be time to get your handicap. You will be at a level where you can start to participate in local and interstate junior 18 hole events. At this level your game will start to improve quite rapidly.
Step 4 Playing Local and Interstate Events
This is where it starts to get quite exciting for all involved. You will start to realise that your game is improving and you will be winning a lot of the local junior events and also be recognised by your peers. This is also where the real commitment kicks in. To go to the next level you will need to be more committed in your practice and also events that you need to play in.
Step 5 Australian Recognition
This is a crucial point, as at this point there is no room for wasting time, you can fall back into thinking that you've made it when actually you're at the start point for real decision making. This is where you need to decide "What do I really want from this game".
Now we've made it to the point where you can use the game of golf to decide your future. Very exciting, do you want to win an overseas scholarship? Do you want to be a tour player? Do you want to be a club pro? Not many kids take up golf to be a club pro but what an option!
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