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There are many self funded kids golf programs running throughout Australia and they need to be recognised.
Leigh Hunter Golf is now offering it's website to all programs that need to be recognised . What we're doing is using this domain to advertise all junior golf programs currently not funded on this site to help them source out funding and promote just how succesful they are.
Due to the amount of activity going through this website I felt it only fair that we support everyone promoting junior golf who are not currently supported. Junior golf is unique and there are many self motivated individuals out there helping kids anyway they can. The programs will differ slightly but each individual has a wealth of knowledge that he or she can offer the children.
What we're going to do is set up a page (in progress) for junior golf programs throughout Australia where they can advertise and briefly explain their programs. Within a short period of time we will start to realise the amount of children going through these programs and we will start to look for sponsorship to assist these people. 
So Junior Golf Developers not currently funded I would like you to use this domain to promote your program and let's show just how well we're all doing, there's power in numbers.

This Part of the site is currently under construction. Keep on looking to see what Junior Golf in Australia has to offer your child. The possibilities are endless.
Junior Golf Australia @ Fairbairn golf course ACT
Full day School holiday Programs running from 8.30am to 5pm daily in Summer, Autumn, Winter and spring school holidays.

Weekend Saturday classes 2-3pm for 4-6y $10
                         3-5pm intermediate $20
                         3-5pm advanced $20
                         2.30pm 9 hole comp Must be a member plus $10 entry
Call Leigh Hunter, 0404 851 679, lhunter123@bigpond.com
Camden Golf Course, Narrellen NSW
David Montefiore, Professional Golfer is Head of Junior Development at camden Golf Course. David runs all day school holiday programs along with week day and weekend classes for kids. Contact David for more details. Google Camden Golf Course for more details.
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