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Nine Hole Events
Over the past 5 years we have developed a junior golf program that is able to assist other clubs. We're able to bring a number of juniors from our program to your club for your nine hole events.
This page will be dedicated to nine hole junior events and will promote the events on our website in order to have our kids playing more events. 
We will do our best to inform you of accomodation opportunities at the events which hopefully make your experience more enjoyable.
Things to consider and to be aware of
1. What handicap system is used: our preference is a basic average of two nine hole scores minus par.
2. Prize allocation: We prefer events where both boys and girls have a  best gross prize and 1st and 2nd nett prize. It's not about the cost of prize, it's more about the kids being rewarded for doing well.
3. Give aways for the kids on entry, tees, balls, drink bottles. Everyone including adults like give aways but it great for the kids overall experience.
4. These events are for children so most of the clubs are quite relaxed about rules.
5. Something that I do not tolerate in the JGA events is over the top parents, so you need to think about that before entering your child. Parents are not recommended at my events and parents will only be given one chance to behave respectfully.
This is a page in the making so we will be adding to it continually.
In the Canberra Region we have many events for kids under 12 tears of age;
Every club run their events differently so dont look for consistency in the scoring of these events! these are just events to allow the child to experience new golf courses and win prizes
Junior Golf Australia run events with the condition that a child can play a minimum of three holes, we just x that by 3 to get the 9 hole score
Junior golf Australia school holiday program had 2 nine hole events in the Autumn school holidays.
2013 in the Canberra Region
April 19th JGA Fairbairn Golf Course, 28 participants
April 21st JGA Fairbairn Golf Club, 22 participants
May 5th Queanbeyan Golf Club
May 19th Gungahlin Lakes
Saturday afternoons of the school term at Fairbairn from 2pm
July school holidays, the ACT DGA will hold about 3 x 9 hole events in conjunction with their junior 18 hole series.
Other events without dates at this point are
Catalina Junior Open
Moss Vale Junior Open
Tathra Junior Open
Mittagong Junior Open
Moruya Junior Open
Spring School holidays, JGA 9 hole events.
Spring School holidays, DGA events in Canberra
So you can see at this point that there are plenty of events for your child to play in. Any event run by Junior Golf Australia, you'll need to contact Leigh Hunter for bookings and any event run by other clubs you'll need to call the respective club for more details.
Clubs and dates for 9 hole events
January 13th 2012 Junior Golf Australia 9 hole event 
1st Gross Nikola Kajtez 39
1st Nett Romney Smith 33
Nett Scores
Romney Smith 33
Nikola Kajtez 34
Dean Lord 35
Mackenzie Morrison 32
We had 12 of our advanced participating in an away event
1st Gross Reece O'Neill 45
1st Nett Akshay Joseph 6y 16
2nd Declan Tansay 10y 17
3rd Jamie Van Bogaart 8y 25
3rd Tobit Louis 7y 25
5th Jackson Boyd 9y 27
6th Alexander Bezos 13y 31
7th Ryan Collins 16y 36
7th Maya 6y 36
9th Elizabeth Joseph 12y 37
10th Jasmin Webb 9y 38
11th Jun Ho Yoon 7y 39
12th Todd Dunbar 13y 40
13th Jackson Barker 13y 41
14th Theresa Joseph 6y 51
14th Michael Cali 9y 51
December 23rd 2011 event at Fairbairn golf course
1st Mackenzie Morrison 13y 50 gross
2nd Stuart Phair 12y          54 gross
3rd Willian Burns 11y          57 gross
4th Baedy         11y          61 gross
5th Rowen Harrison 11y      67 gross
6th Josh Harrison 10y         71 gross
7th Lachlan Peadon 11y      72 gross
8th Kai Tanton 11y            79 gross
9th Imogen McMahon 7y     84 gross
10th Tommy Milin 11y         85 gross
11th Paris McMahon 9y       86 gross
July 2nd 9 hole event at Fairbairn GC
                             Gross     Nett
1st Toby            7y    63         8
2nd Mia Durnam  11y   93        38
3rd Ryan Ulrich    6y    69       41
3rd Jack durnam 10y   69        41
5th Pheobe Rodden 7y 102      47
June 11th 9 hole event at Fairbairn GC
                             Gross     Nett
1st Ryan Ulrich 6y       57        27
2nd Bella Bueno 12y    66        41
3rd Cameron Little 13y 69        49
4th Aneesha Johar 11y 78       35
5th Jack Durnam 10y   87        59
6th Pheobe Rodden 7y 90        35
6th Mia Durnam 11y    90        35
8th Toby          7y     108       53
Southern Cross Pitch and Putt Monthly comp
May 2011 par 27
1st place Scr Jake Barrett 15y 26 in playoff
2nd place Madeleine Hunter 13y 26
1st place Nett Joshua Hunter 13y
2nd place Mackenzie Morrison 12y in playoff
No April event due to school holidays
March 2011 par 27
1st place Scr Chloe Thornton 11y 27
2nd place Scr Maddy Hunter 13y 28
1st place Nett Imogem McMahon 6y 8
2nd place Nett Bella Bueno 11y 12
February 2011 par 27
1st place Scr Chloe Thornton 11y 28 nine holes
2nd place Scr Amber Thornton 9y 30
1st place Nett Paris McMahon 8y 13 ocb
2nd place Nett Mackenzie Morrison 13
Junior Golf Australia 9 hole tour Event for 2011
               Junior golf australia
10-14th Jan 2011
1st place Scr Mackenzie Morrison 11y  53
1st place Nett Ellen Hosking 11y 23
2nd place Nett Jordan Thompson
1st place Scr Rosie Whitten 14y 41
1st place Nett Jessica McManus 14y 31
2nd place Nett Bailey Scifleet 14y 33 in playoff
30 starters
ACT/NSW Scholarship 9 hole tour Event
                  Junior Golf Australia
17-21st Jan 2011
1st place Scr Jason Koesmarno 11y 45
1st place Nett Sean Ryan 6y 13
2nd place Nett Jackson Boyd 8y 26
1st place Scr Madleiene Hunter 13y 38
1st place Nett Jess McManus 14y 31
2nd place Nett Rosie Whitten 14y 32
25 starters
Fairbairn golf club 9 hole tour Event for 2011
                  Junior Golf Australia
24-28th Jan 2011
1st place Scr Joshua Cohen 38
1st place Nett Mackenzie Morrison 32
2nd place Nett Suzannah Whatt 35 in 3 way playoff
1st place Scr Joshua Cohen 38
1st place Nett Dean Lord 31 in Playoff
2nd place Nett Jess McManus 31
28 starters
PGA Pump 9 Hole event 5/10/2010
Scratch Scores                              Nett Scores
Patrick Maher 40                            Jakob Wiley 28
Nikola Kajtez  41                            Dean Lord   28.5
Madeleine Hunter 41                       Lachlan Manuel 29
Jakob Wiley 45                              Alexander Bezos 30
Joshua Hunter 46                           Nikola Kajtez 30
Lachlan Manuel 46                         Liyu Coss 31
Dean Lord 46                                Robbie Memmolo 32
Rosie Whitten 49                           Holly Jalland 32
Liyu Coss 50                                 Patrick Maher 32.5
Alexander Bezos 54                        Joshua Hunter 34
Grace Maher 57                            Madeleine Hunter 34.5
Bailey Scifleet 60                          Bailey Scifleet 35
Jared Smith 66                             Bella Bueno 35
Zoe Trungove 66                          Jared Smith 35
Nicholas Basan 72                         Nicholas Basan 35
William Owens 75                          Tim Memmolo 35
Bella Bueno 75                             Rosie Whitten 36
Mia O 76                                     Zoe Trungove 36
Tim Memmolo 81                           Grace Maher 39
Robbie Memmolo 96                       William Owens 45
Mackenzie Morrison 105                 Mia O 54
Holly Jalland 108                          Mackenzie Morrison 59
Joseph Harb 168                          Joseph Harb 88
ACT/NSW Golf Scholarship 9 Hole Tournament Fairbairn Golf Course 7th/10/2010
Intermediate/ those with new handicaps.
1st place Scratch Mia O 13y 58
1st place Nett Mackenzie Morrison 11y 28
2nd Nett Zoe Trungove 13y 35 OCB
3rd Rosemary Schweizer 10y 35
3rd Anna Hosking 6y 35
5th Ellen Hosking 10y 40
6th place Ella Stack 12y 46
1st place Scratch Bailey Scifleet 13y 51
1st place Nett Robbie Memmolo 12y 30
2nd Panos Morogiannis 8y 31
3rd Dimitri Morogiannis 12y 33
4th Mathew Faulkner 10y 37
4th Joseph Harb 8y 37
6th Alexander Bezos 11y 39
7th Ben Merriman 9y 41
8th Romney Smith 9y 43
9th William Owens 6y 50
10th Tim Memmolo 9y 57
11th Jared Smith 7y 58
Junior Golf Australia 9 Hole Tournament Fairbairn Golf Course 8th/10/2010
1st Scratch Madeleine Hunter 12y 41
1st Cadet Girls Mackenzie Morrison 11y 63
1st Nett Rosemary Schweizer 10y 26
2nd Liyu Coss 12y 28.5
3rd Jess McManus 14y 30
3rd Rosie Whitten 14y 30
3rd Mia O 13y 30
6th Zoe Trungove 13y 36
7th Tara Jones 11y 43
1st Scratch Joshua Hunter 12y 42
1st Cadet Boys Alexander Bezos 11y 80
1st Nett Lachlan Manuel 13y 31
2nd Dean Lord 13y 32
3rd Bailey Scifleet 13y 33
4th Robbie Memmolo 11y 34
5th Tim Memmolo 9y 45
6th Ben Merriman 9y 52
7th William Owens 6y 54
8th Joseph Harb 8y 61
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